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Solar panel recycling services in Arizona

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Solar panel disposal and compliance in Arizona

In Arizona, when a solar panel is decommissioned, the regulations require solar asset owners to evaluate whether the solar panels contain hazardous components. But not all solar panels are hazardous — it depends on the panel’s vintage and construction. Management of hazardous solar panels has special requirements that don’t apply to standard, non-hazardous solar panels.  

If the panels are hazardous, Arizona has a special exemption with alternative management standards for panels sent to legitimate recyclers such as SOLARCYCLE. Our expert team can help you quickly assess whether your solar assets are considered hazardous and to help you responsibly recycle both hazardous and non-hazardous panels in our permitted facility.


Your full-service solar recycling partner

Tailored Recycling Solutions: We recognize that every customer has different needs, systems, financing, and geographic considerations. Our trained professionals begin with a consultation to identify your specific needs and craft a plan to optimize your portfolio. We provide a range of PV and solar panel recycling services including:

Reverse Logistics

Panels are bulky and can be expensive to ship long distances. We mobilize quickly and get your panels off-site within days if needed. Our team of reverse logistics professionals will determine the most efficient route from your facility to our advanced recycling lines in Texas, Arizona and soon the Southeast. We also provide full decommissioning services.  

Rapid Testing

We offer on-site as well as off-site testing using our PV Evolutions Lab-approved process to identify microcracks, hot spots, water ingress and more. When requested by our customers, we can find ways to extend the use of panels for another 5-10 years before they are recycled.

Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Recycling

Our advanced, high-recovery recycling process extracts more than 95% of the value in a panel — returning key materials like aluminum, silver, silicon, and glass to the domestic supply chains. And our ISO-certified facilities are designed to protect workers and the environment, and reduce environmental impacts over time.

Advanced Environmental Reporting

Our customers care about protecting the environment and have stakeholders who want to see the metrics and the impact. Our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Pablo Dias, leads the development of our recycling process, and oversees our use of Life Cycle Analysis to produce science-based environmental reporting for your team.

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